Rhythm & Hues  FX TD

   Rhythm & Hues
FX TD on The Seventh Son
Worked on smoke dust sim , rain simulations ,rain splashes , vortices sim , and silverbane dust simulations
(March 2013 - April 2013 )

FX TD on 300: Rise of an Empire (2013)
(November 2011 - February 2013 )

FX TD on R.I.P.D.
( June 2011 - September 2012 )

FX TD on Life of Pi
( September 2011 - April 2012 )
Worked on the additional water effects for the cg ocean (Whitecaps,Foam ,Ripples and Biolum effects on few shots )

Crosstraining into FX Department
( March 2011- September 2011 )
Learning the process of creating Procedural effects using houdini , the software's concepts and the way its effectively used in the studio using custom and the standard tools.

Lighting TD

Rhythm & Hues

Lighting/Compositing TD on Hop
(September 2010- February 2010)
(Shot Lighting and Compositing )
(worked on shot lighting on the Easter bunny on various sequences and also composited few of my lighting shots featuring easter bunny

Lighting TD on Marmaduke
(Jan 2010- May 2010)
(Shot Lighting )
(worked on shot lighting featuring Marmaduke in the garage disco dance and in the end sequence featuring around 36 dogs dancing in the park ., basic aim was to match it to the real set lighting as closely as possible is they had to be cut in between the real n the CG dogs in the edit )

Lighting TD on Alvin and Chipmunks : The Squeaquel
(July 2009 - November 2009)
(Shot Lighting)
(worked on shots featuring ranging from all three chimpunks to the chipettes too having varying lighting conditions ( day , night , indoor ) . aim was to integrate the characters as closely as to the real world conditions and yet to keep them well lit with retaining their iconic look intact )

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