my new site up and still work in progress

HI ppl new site is up and im collecting lots of info to put it togther on the site ..lots of things coming up and also ill upload my Linkedin resume soon ...

here is the link

its an exciting phase and with such lots of things happening its like so much to share and tooo much to load ... even a photography section coming up soon :-))

my new short full cg clip in the making

hey guys in the process of making a full cg short clip .... its like a short that i wanna make wid lots of cinematic style lighting and suspense , come cool camera works and wid some engaging music and fast cutting ... just like a popcorn heavy suspence action sequence the work is still in progress with the new and updated previz is still keeping to come up ...more updates real soon ..... ill keep u all posted

some of the wip previz herez the link :

(previz version 7 )

(previz version 6 )

(previz version 5 )

(previz version 4 )

(previz version 1)

herez 1 real funny initial wip lighting that i was doin to test the no. of passes i need to get rendered and the way comp scipts ill arrange